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MFP Data - Keeping your scanned, copied, printed document data secure


By now, you may have seen the CBS News segment that raised concerns over MFP hard drive security. Stone's wants you to know we are aware of this segment, as well as other recent media coverage of the issue and we understand the concerns you have regarding the security of your information.

Document output devices from Stone's include technology designed to help prevent the hard drive from being accessed from a connected PC. Most products use proprietary software to process data, which makes accessing hard drive information extremely difficult.

Since 1999, Stone’s has offered additional enhanced MFP and printer security options and features. Below is an overview of the options available to customers who identify concerns related to MFP hard drive security during the service life and/or at the time of return:

Sharp Approach to data security

Savin / Ricoh Approach to data security

Lexmark’s Approach to data security

Panasonic's Approach to data security

Most of the MFP manufacturers have a couple of proven methods in dealing with hard drive security – whether it be Encryption or Data Overwrite; either way you can be sure Stone’s Office Equipment will do all we can to prevent any of your valuable information from falling into the wrong hands.

To help you address customer concerns over hard disk drive security, we have prepared and attached “Technology Security Information” fact sheets from our manufacturers. In addition we have brochures available that address information security. These documents are available on request by clicking on this link; Data Security InfoCenter


Sam Stone, President