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Message from the President

Forty-six! We're in our 46th year of business and still amazed how much technology continues to change even the most basic tasks; in and around the office. Technology changed how office equipment performs in the fast paced office environment and in return, this change will not allow for business as usual.

Office equipment can no longer perform as mono-tasking, standalone equipment. Copiers can't just copy, they must print; scan and store information for retrieval from workstations anywhere on your network or in the Cloud. Our devices allow users to print or scan to or from their mobile devices. What happens to a document has proven to be one of the most important tasks in recent years. Simply scanning it to a folder is not enough; our clients want the ability to convert it to a readable/searchable document for later retrieval, from anywhere.

Managed Print Services is one of the fastest growing areas of our business; it changes the relationship between a supplier and their clients. Service is our strength, that is why we became CompTIA certified and earned the Managed Print Trustmark distinction; the first copier dealer in Virginia to earn that award. Again proving how dedicated we are to our Customer First promise.

Our mission statement is simple.

“We make our customers’ lives easier and businesses better by going above and beyond to provide superior service; making them realize they are an integral part of our family business.

As you browse through our website, you may notice Stone’s does not look like other office equipment providers and there is a reason; we’re not. I love the quote by Steve Jobs when he says, "It's not enough to look at your competition and say you want to be better; you have to say I want to be different." Our site doesn’t place a strong emphasis on copier manufacturers, printer models or speeds and feeds. We use statements like, “Solutions” and “Services” to drive to the core of your office issues and fix them, whatever they are.

Yes times have changed since 1970; however, many of our original principles are still in place today.

  • Stay focused on the customers’ needs.
  • Give prompt, personal service.
  • Show empathy to our customers’ issues
  • Go above and beyond to assist
  • Always do what's right

If you listen you will hear companies shouting they're getting back to the basics – we ask, “Why did you leave them to begin with?” We never did!

If you are a member of the Stone’s family of customers, you know what we’re talking about; if you are not and looking for a business partner who is family owned, with strong business and community values, Stone's Office Equipment would be honored to show you our difference.

While your investment and service choices for office technology are many; the personal service, disciplined approach, and system management every company deserves, is available from Stone's Office Equipment.

Sincere thanks,

Sam Stone